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Unraveling the Creative Process of Watch Design with Nodus Watches


Unedited Video on Youtube

Let’s start off with a fascinating narrative from Wesley, co-founder of Nodus Watches. We delve into the heart of his brand’s journey, the shared love for music and watches that fuelled its genesis, and the intriguing stories behind their watch names. Be prepared for a captivating insight as we discuss the initial pushback from factories and the subsequent triumph in implementing their innovations.

In this episode, we also get to pick the brains of our guest, a micro-brand watch designer who prioritizes quality over storytelling. We explore the creative process of naming watches and the resistance to conventional branding. You can expect to gain a fresh perspective as we discuss the brand’s focus on durability and their unique design approach.

Lastly, we get candid about the highs and lows in the watch business, revealing the importance of a robust team and principled leadership. We share our vision for Nodus Watches’ future, underscored by a relentless drive for innovation. Finally, we spill the beans on our annual Intersect event, a casual meet-up that has grown into a significant gathering for watch enthusiasts. Get ready for a riveting discussion that peels back the layers of micro-brand watch design!

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