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The Master of Time: A Conversation with Vintage Watch Expert and CEO of Duber Time Jeff Hess

When we talk about the craftsmanship and history of horology, few names are as pivotal in the watch community as Jeff Hess. His journey from a young collector to a vintage Rolex expert and CEO of Duber Time Group is nothing short of remarkable. Our latest podcast episode takes us on a voyage through time, exploring the depths of watch collecting, the nuances of the industry, and the art that goes into the creation of each timepiece.

Jeff Hess’s story begins with a youthful curiosity for the intricate mechanisms of old pocket watches. This fascination grew into a lifelong passion, leading him to own some of the world’s most sought-after Patek Philippe watches. We discuss the evolution of Old Northeast Jewelers, which has grown from its vintage watch roots into a bustling modern watch emporium. Jeff recounts how the watch and jewelry industry has undergone dramatic shifts, particularly in vintage watch pricing and availability, which has seen a staggering increase in value over the years.

Our conversation shifts to the strategies behind luxury watch brands and their market dynamics. Jeff shares insights into Breitling’s impressive resurgence under George Kern’s leadership, a story of a brand rebirth that has left many in the industry inspired. The potential revival of Universal Geneve and its implications for collectors and the industry is a topic that stirs excitement among watch enthusiasts.

German precision in watchmaking is another focal point of our discussion. Jeff provides an insider’s view on niche German brands like Meistersinger and Mühle Glashütte, as well as the emergence of Sternglas. His connection with these brands is not just professional but also personal, as he highlights their commitment to quality and innovation. We delve into the distribution challenges and successes, noting the importance of building relationships with retailers, bloggers, and journalists to amplify brand presence.

As we conclude, Jeff speaks to the passion for horology that has fueled his success. With 42 employees and a thriving business, he attributes much of his achievements to the shared love of timekeeping. It is evident that horology is not merely a trade for Jeff Hess but a defining element of his identity and business philosophy.

Throughout the episode, we share anecdotes and personal stories that reveal the human aspect of watch collecting. From the excitement of acquiring rare timepieces to the joy of introducing family members to the world of luxury watches, it’s clear that the culture of watch enthusiasts is deeply rooted in personal connections and brand loyalty.

Jeff’s passion for the craft radiates through our discussion, from the robust charm of Mühle-Glashütte’s SAR Rescue Timer to the accessible allure of Sternglas watches. His commitment to the timeless art of horology is evident in every word, and listeners are sure to leave with a newfound appreciation for the world of watches.

In the realm of watch collecting and horology, the story of Jeff Hess serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise that lies behind each timepiece. This podcast episode is a celebration of that legacy, and a must-listen for anyone who shares a love for the intricate dance of gears and springs that mark the passage of time.