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Strapping in with Delugs: The Unique Craft Behind Every Watch Strap


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In this special episode, we dive deep into the world of bespoke watch straps with Ken, the founder of Delugs, The world’s premier watch strap manufacturer. Discover how a passion for horology and a keen sense of craftsmanship led to a brand redefining how we enjoy our timepieces. Ken takes us on a journey from Delugs’ humble beginnings to its rise as a recognized name in the horology community. He shares stories of crafting leather goods for watch enthusiasts worldwide, the nuances of selecting the perfect materials, and the innovation of differentiating Delugs. We know you’re a watch enthusiast, which is why you’re here. This conversation promises a behind-the-scenes look into the world of watch straps as intricate as the timepieces they complement. Strap in and join us for a delightful chat with Ken from Delugs!

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