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OMEGA Unveils Latest Iteration of Speedmaster Moonwatch Featuring a Striking Lacquered White Dial

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The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch, already celebrated as a legendary chronograph globally, unveils its latest iteration – a striking model with a lacquered white dial, drawing inspiration from the vastness of space and its own storied past.

Enthusiasts of the Moonwatch have eagerly awaited this design since its first glimpse in November 2023, adorning the wrist of OMEGA’s ambassador, Daniel Craig, at the Planet OMEGA Exhibition in New York. The timepiece, now officially unveiled, is set to hit the markets for enthusiasts to acquire.

This edition’s hallmark is its unique white dial. In the original 1957 Speedmaster’s design, clarity and readability were paramount, achieved through white hands and markers against a black background. This latest model inverts this color scheme, maintaining outstanding visibility. OMEGA has innovatively introduced a white dial with black accents and newly applied indexes, complemented by a bold red Speedmaster inscription. Additionally, this model is the first to feature a glossy lacquered finish on the Moonwatch’s step dial.

The choice of white is a tribute to the black and white hues of astronaut suits, particularly those used for spacewalks. This homage is fitting, given the Speedmaster Moonwatch’s history as the first watch on the moon and its continuous use by NASA astronauts since 1965. The red elements are a nod to the commander’s rank, as seen in the red lines on suits since Apollo 13 in 1970.


The white dial also harks back to OMEGA’s 1969 ALASKA I prototype, part of a covert project with NASA to create the ultimate space watch. OMEGA’s selection of a white dial for its thermal reflection properties is mirrored in the new model, and the red Speedmaster inscription is reminiscent of the protective red case of the original ALASKA I.

OMEGA goes beyond just the dial. This 42 mm stainless steel watch features a vintage-style stainless steel bracelet with five arched links per row, boasting a blend of polished and brushed finishes. Two additional variants include one with a black micro-perforated leather strap accented with red and white stitching, and another with an anti-bacterial rubber strap showcasing a moon surface pattern on the underside for enhanced comfort and aesthetic appeal.

For aficionados, the watch includes the signature black anodized aluminum bezel with the iconic “Dot over Ninety” on the tachymeter scale. Powering the watch is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861, a modern incarnation of the legendary Calibre 321 trusted by lunar astronauts.

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