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Navigating the Tbilisi Watch Market with Roni Kosashvili


Unedited Video on Youtube

Join us for a riveting conversation with Roni, our good friend from Tbilisi, Georgia, who dives into the ticking world of luxury watches. Roni’s chronicle of founding his own company, overcoming hurdles in the Georgian market, and shifting watch cultures is, without a doubt, a narrative you can’t afford to miss. He illuminates the nuances of running an online watch business, the thrill of hunting down the perfect shop location, and the delicate art of customer service.

The conversation takes a turn around the Rolex of the watch market, and we navigate the recent shifts together. From the ripples caused by Rolex’s acquisition of Bucherer to the pandemic’s impact on luxury watch prices, Roni provides an insider’s perspective. You’ll get a glimpse into the unique market dynamics in the U.S. and Europe, as well as how consumer preferences are shaping these markets. Our candid discussion with Roni highlights the current shift from investing in watches to purchasing what you truly love.

The episode concludes with an intriguing journey into the world of pawn shop watch shopping in Vegas and the challenges of working online in the watch industry. We dissect how desperate times can lead to desperate deals, with luxury watches being sold for much less than retail price. As the hands of the clock wind down, we investigate the price drop in luxury watches caused by the pandemic and Roni’s formula for building a successful online watch business. Prepare yourself for a tour of the evolving world of watches, the rise and fall of luxury watch prices, and the power of reputation and respect in the online market.

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