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Curating Personal Watch Collections with Kelly Yoch: Passion, Integrity, and Standing Out

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Kelly Yoch, an esteemed figure in the luxury watch industry, known affectionately as the “godmother of horology.” Kelly’s passion for watches and expertise in curating unique collections shone through as she imparted valuable insights on the art of watch collecting.

The conversation kicked off with Kelly’s influential role in the industry, particularly her guidance in helping music sensation Ed Sheeran shape his remarkable watch collection. Kelly shared anecdotes that highlighted the joy of connecting with fellow enthusiasts, such as the profound happiness experienced through a G-Shock giveaway, demonstrating the shared passion within the watch community.

As we delved deeper, Kelly spoke candidly about her unexpected transition from television production to the dazzling realm of high-end horology. Her narrative was a compelling example of how expertise and a deep-seated passion can carve out new career paths. She also touched upon the importance of every price point in the luxury watch market, drawing an interesting parallel to the airline industry’s economic structure.

Ethics in sales became a poignant topic, where Kelly opened up about the personal challenges and internal conflicts she faced within the industry. Her commitment to honesty and authenticity, even at the risk of being perceived as the ‘bad guy,’ set a powerful example for maintaining integrity in business.


The chapter dedicated to ‘Watch Collecting Trends With Godmother’ delved into the homogeneity plaguing the watch community, with collectors often chasing identical models for status rather than uniqueness. Kelly advocated for individuality and questioned why collectors wouldn’t explore the breadth of options available, especially considering the significant investments involved in high-end timepieces.

Throughout the episode, Kelly’s narrative served as a reminder of the original utility of watches as time-telling instruments, which has increasingly been lost in the modern pursuit of status symbols. This shift in perception was thoroughly examined, providing listeners with a fresh perspective on what it truly means to appreciate the craftsmanship of horology.

In closing, Kelly emphasized the importance of human interaction and humility in business transactions, a sentiment that resonated deeply with listeners. Her stories and advice left an indelible mark, reminding us of the core values that define the watch industry: integrity, passion, and a respect for time-honored craftsmanship.

This episode not only provided an inside look into the intricacies of watch collecting but also shed light on the personal journeys and ethical dilemmas that shape the industry. For watch enthusiasts and those interested in the luxury market, Kelly Yosh’s insights offer a wealth of knowledge that is both inspiring and thought-provoking.