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Abingdon’s Journey from Pilot to Pioneering Watchmaker

When Abingdon set out on her journey from an aspiring pilot to a trailblazing entrepreneur at the tender age of 22, she did not merely aim to create timepieces; she envisioned crafting instruments of precision and elegance that resonate with the adventurous spirit. Her company, Abingdon Watch Company, has become a testament to the innovative spirit that bridges luxury and functionality, serving not just as accessories but as vital tools for life’s intrepid moments.

Abingdon’s narrative is one of tenacity and innovation, rooted in a gap she identified in the market – the absence of suitable aviation watches for women. Driven by this need, she gathered insights from fellow female aviators and launched her watch company, initially catering to this niche community. The uniqueness of her watches is not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in their multifunctional features designed with a pilot’s perspective. This thoughtful approach to watchmaking has captivated a broader audience, earning her a devoted following among those who share her passion for precision and the thrill of adventure.

The journey of Abingdon Watch Company is a fascinating case study of the microbrand revolution in the watch industry. Abingdon’s timepieces challenge the status quo, offering unique features like straps doubling as rulers or bezels that assist in navigation. These watches are not just mere instruments for telling time; they embody the ethos of a lifestyle that values utility as much as it does luxury.

One of the standout features of the Abingdon brand is the unparalleled customer service, including complimentary battery changes, underscoring the company’s dedication to their clientele. This level of service is emblematic of their commitment to creating not just products, but experiences that foster a sense of community among their users, dubbed the “Lonely Wristers.”


The podcast episode delves into the intricate designs and thoughtful functionalities that define Abingdon’s collections. Each timepiece is named after influential women, imbuing them with stories of empowerment and history. For instance, the Amelia collection, equipped with a flight computer, and the Catherine, adorned with an ADIS alphabet bezel, are not just accessories but allies for those navigating the complexities of both life and profession.

Abingdon Watch Company’s vision is to merge the practicality of a Swiss Army knife with the elegance of high fashion, ensuring their products serve the multifaceted needs of their clientele. Looking ahead, the company’s ambitions include introducing more American-made components and fostering their diverse “crew” – a community united by shared passions and experiences.

In closing, Abingdon’s ascent in the world of horology is a chronicle of breaking boundaries and embracing innovation. It’s a reminder that each tick of a watch’s hand is not just a moment passing but a step toward the future – a future where timekeeping is not just about hours and minutes but about celebrating stories, aspirations, and the boundless potential within us all.